Fans At The Africa Cup Of Nations Are Like Nothing Else On Earth

woman blows kiss at africa cup of nations

Photo: AP

African soccer is plagued of corruption and violence. But every two years, the continent comes together to throw a massive international tournament called the Africa Cup of Nations that features some of the best players in the world.

AFCON looks like no other sporting event on Earth. Many fans dress in elaborate costumes, and the games seem almost secondary to the pageantry surrounding them.

It’s a sporting event, but also a celebration.

A Burkina Faso watches his team play the massively favoured Ghana team in the semifinals

Ghana is one of the best teams in Africa, and has players who play at the top club teams in Europe

But upsets happen routinely in this tournament. Tiny Zambia won the last AFCON

Ghana lost the game on penalties

Its fans were crushed

Seriously crushed

There's something surreal about looking so sad is such an outlandish costume

The next tournament isn't until 2015

The most lavishly ornamented fan at the tournament comes from Burkina Faso

He will watch his team in the AFCON final on Sunday, who knows what he'll wear

Earlier in the tournament, an Ivory Coast fan watched his team lose to Nigeria

The Ivory coast was supposed to go far, but they bounced out in the quarterfinals

Some of the best scenes come before the games. Here's a Togo fan clutching his paint

A Ghana fan sings before her team's game against Burkina Faso

South Africa went home early, but they didn't get its fans too bummed out

A Ghana fan in a funny wig yells

It's the most colourful soccer tournament on Earth

Now see how soccer is played in the most dangerous city on Earth

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