New iPhone App Offers Self-Destructing Text Messages

tiger woods conf 4

Tiger Woods lost a lot after his transgressions surfaced — millions of dollars in sponsorship deals and favourable public opinion. 

But at least he is getting an iPhone app out of it… sort of.

A new app called TigerText hit iPhones last week. According to Time, the app gives users the ability to set a time limit for text messages on their phone and on the receiver’s phone after it is read. When time is up, the message disappears forever, and can’t be forwarded. 

Here’s how it works, according to TIme:

When, say, a prominent politician sends his mistress an iPhone message via TigerText, the mistress will be prompted to install the app. When she has done so, she can read the message, but she can’t keep it. In fact, the message is never actually sent to her phone; it’s stored on TigerText’s servers. After the politician’s specified time span has elapsed — anywhere from one minute to five days — the message ceases to exist. There’s even a “delete on read” setting, which counts down from 60 after a message is opened and erases its text at zero.

Shortcomings: These aren’t real text messages — they need to be managed through this specific app. So now you have two places to deal with text messages. And the recipient can always take a permanent screenshot of the text message to frame you later, if they want to.

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