AFP To Investigate 8000 Cases Of Multiple Voting In The 2013 Federal Election -- 2000 By Drunk, Confused Voters

In 2010 , 19 multiple votes cast in the federal election were investigated by the Australian Federal Police.

In 2013 there will be 8000.

Of these, 2000 were made by voters who were drunk, confused or “trying out the system” says the Australian Electoral Commission.

After 1400 votes disappeared in the Senate election in Western Australia, acting electoral commissioner Tom Rogers says new policy measures means all cases will now be referred to the AFP for investigation.

“Previously when someone gave us one of those reasons, we accepted those and in many cases did not refer those to the AFP,” Rogers told the ABC.

“The point of the new policy [is] that may well be a reason but frankly it’s irrelevant in terms of the act.

“So all of those are being referred to the AFP regardless of reason provided. I expect that many of those will be genuine.”

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