AFP Seize Australian Hackers’ Computers In Global Raid For Blackshades Software

Image: Getty/ Joe Raedle

Australian hackers have been targeted by the Australian Federal Police, as part of a global crackdown and confiscation of Blackshades software.

Blackshades is a remote administration tool that allows users to hack computers to steal passwords and personal information, spy on victims through their hijacked webcam and launch further attacks from the victim’s computer.

Australian authorities join Canada, Asia, Europe and the US in the world-wide raids, which the FBI will announce the results of on Monday.

One Australian wrote on a hacker forum how he “just got swatted” in a raid by the Australian Federal Police where his three laptops and a desktop computer were seized, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The software was sold in underground online hacking marketplaces for $US40 to $US100.

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