AFL's anti-doping tribunal finds former Essendon sports scientist Stephen Dank guilty of 10 breaches

Stephen Dank. Photo: Michael Dodge/ Getty

The AFL’s anti-doping tribunal found Essendon’s former sports scientist Stephen Dank guilty of 10 breaches of the anti-doping code today.

The breaches include trafficking, attempting to traffic and complicity in matters related to a range of prohibited substances.

The drugs include humanofort, a muscle growth and recovery supplement, the peptide CJC-1295 and thymosin beta-4, the supplement 34 former and current Bombers players were found were found not guilty of being administered just a fortnight ago.

Dank, described in a statement released by the AFL as a “former Essendon support person”, faced 34 charges and will learn his fate at a sanctions hearing on May 5 and may face a life ban from the sport.

Dank had been threatening to sue ASADA over its investigation into the Essendon supplements program, while the anti-doping authority had been considering an appeal over the tribunal decision on the Essendon players.

AFL general counsel Andrew Dillon said the case was the most complex ever tried by the AFL Tribunal.

“The circumstances surrounding the case have been extremely difficult, given the amount of information and the number of parties involved,” he said.

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