The Two Goals Of The Afghanistan Surge Have Been Achieved

afghanistan kandahar

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As President Obama consults with military commanders about US troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, a picture is starting to emerge of the two-year-old, “West Point surge.”According to the National Review, the “surge” of 30,000 additional U.S. troops has accomplished its two main goals: the re-taking of the pivotal Helmand and Kandahar provinces from Taliban control, and preparing Afghan security forces to take over combat operations by 2014.

The Obama Administration is now deciding on the exact number of U.S. troops to remove later this year. Analysts think that the number will probably be more modest than the 15,000 previously called for.

U.S. officials are confident the Taliban won’t retake the two southern provinces this fighting season. When insurgents lost these two strongholds they also lost 50 bomb-making factories, and hundreds of weapon caches.

Regardless of the number of U.S. troops left in Afghanistan by the end of the year, their mission will become increasingly focused on ensuring that Afghan forces are prepared to pick up operations when the allied forces (mostly US) leave.