10 affordable and easy-to-use apps that will help you get the best night's sleep

Not getting enough sleep is terrible for you. From the common cold to chronic heart disease, sleep deprivation can have huge consequences on your waking life.

But sometimes sleep masks and fancy white noise machines just don’t cut it.

Luckily, there are a huge number of sleep apps that can help you get more shut-eye.

Tech Insider waded through the Apple and Google app stores to round up ten easy to use and affordable sleep apps to help you get the best night’s rest possible.

Scroll down and find a few new ways to get sleep better.



Sleepyti.me is the simplest app, but no less valuable. It calculates when to fall asleep if you want to wake at a certain time, or what time to set your alarm to get the most of your sleep, based on the rapid eye movement (REM) cycle -- the five stages that occur during sleep.

The fifth stage occurs about 70 to 90 minutes after you fall asleep and is when your deepest sleep occurs. Disrupting sleep during the REM stage results in grogginess, so Sleepyti.me wakes you during the lightest stage of sleep.

Price: free

Available on: any browser


Sleepbot tracks your sleep quality and sets alarms for the best time to wake based on the REM cycle. When you're ready for bed, turn on the app and put your phone under your pillow. Sleepbot automatically mutes alerts and turns on aeroplane mode so you work emails and late night texts don't disturb you.

Price: free

Available on: iOS, Android

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle works a lot like Sleepbot. Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you during your lightest sleep so you're not groggy. The sleep tracker also helps identify things that could be keeping you awake.

Price: $US0.99

Available on: iOS, Android


Pzizz is a white noise machine that incorporates alarms and meditative chants to help you sleep soundly. Simply set a time you want to wake and select the soothing meditative soundtrack to fall asleep to.

Price: Free

Available on: iOS, Android


Another sleep tracker, Pillow monitors movements and sounds as indicators to your wakefulness and wakes you when your sleep is lightest.

Pillow also allows you to listen to yourself as you sleep, so you can see if you talk during your sleep, grind your teeth, or snore. It also includes nap modes to help you get the most out of your naps and other tips and recommendations to get better sleep.

Price: free, $US4.99 for premium

Available on: iOS

MotionX 24/7

MotionX 24/7 is a movement tracker for iOS. Like the previous trackers, it can tell you about your sleep quality based on movements and sounds you make during the night. It plays white noise or soft music that fades as you fall asleep.

Unlike the other sleep trackers, it can also track your movements throughout the day and tells you if you've been idle or sitting for too long. It can also detect and keep track of your heart rate during exercise by detecting the pulse in your fingertip using the phone's camera.

Price: $US0.99

Available on: iOS

White Noise

White Noise's name says everything you need to know about it. Set an alarm, choose a white noise and schedule it to fade out after a few hours as you sleep. It also allows you to mix sounds for your own personalised soundtracks.

I've used the lite version of the app when loud neighbours regularly kept me awake. Personally, I used a mix of sounds that included a dishwashing machine and the hum of a plane engine.

Price: Free for lite versions and up to $US4.99 for premium

Available on: iOS, Mac OSX, Android, Amazon apps, Nook

Sleep Time

Sleep Time tracks your movements and wakes you during your lightest sleep. Like MotionX 24/7, it also includes music and white noise to help you drift into sleep.

Price: Free, in app purchases $US4.99

Available on: iOS, Google Play

Smart Alarm

Like other sleep trackers, Smart Alarm tracks your movements and sounds while you sleep. It also allows you to playback the sounds that wake you to determine what's keeping you awake at night. It also incorporates music from your personal library to help you fall asleep.

Price: $US1.99

Available on: iOS

Sleep Better

Like other sleep trackers, Sleep Better uses your tossing and turning to monitor your sleep quality. Unlike the other trackers, Sleep Better also allows you to note whether you've exercised or consumed alcohol, both of which can affect the night's sleep. It can also keep track of your dreams and nightmares based on your movements.

Price: Free, with $US1.99 in app purchases

Available on: iOS, Android

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