The Blimp That May Change World Travel Is Ready To Fly [PHOTOS]


Photo: Aeroscraft via Facebook

When we first wrote about the Aeroscraft ML866 in October it was still being built, but the airship has finished testing and is preparing for its first flight.Built by Worldwide Aeros Corp. in California, the lighter than air vehicle uses technology developed by DARPA in 2005. That feasibility project was called Walrus HULA and spurred awards to both Lockheed Martin and Aeros for initial development.

The company is betting on its success: Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak says, “This is truly the beginning of a vertical global transportation solution for perhaps the next 100 years.”

Meet the AerosCraft. The 1st Rigid Variable Buoyancy Air Vehicle in the world

The AerosCraft uses a lightweight yet yet incredibly strong interior frame to carry large loads for long distances at great altitudes

The AerosCraft could revolutionise wind farming by delivering large turbines to remote locations

Its ability to carry immense loads would also make it indispensable for the oil and gas industry

The interior of the AerosCraft really is vast and will operate much like an open-air loading dock

And of course the military would love to have a warehouse full of gear set down onto distant battlefields without the need for a runway

But the company is targeting the passenger market as well — this is the craft as seen over Tokyo

The company says future passengers will, 'Embark on the highest quality of travel and transport to any location around the world!'

The ship will provide meeting rooms

Well-appointed passenger cabins

And offer some spectacular views

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