Aeroflot has offered victims of the fatal emergency landing up to $76,584 in compensation

  • Aeroflot announced on Monday that it will offer victims who died during the emergency landing and subsequent fire on Flight SU1492 up to $US76,584 in compensation.
  • The Russian airline issued a statement in which it also announced that passengers who were not injured will receive $US15,317, while those who required hospitalisation will get $US30,634.
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Aeroflot announced on Monday that it will offer victims of Flight SU1492 up to $US76,584 in compensation. Flight SU1492 burst into flames during an emergency landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport on Sunday killing 41 of the 78 passengers and crew on board.

“Passengers of flight SU1492 who did not require hospitalisation will receive RUB 1 million ($US15,317).” Russia’s national airline said in a statement. “Those who sought medical assistance following the incident on 5 May 2019 will receive RUB 2 million ($US30,634).”

Finally, the relatives of those who perished will receive RUB 5 million, or $US76,584, for each family member lost.

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According to the airline, the compensation figures announced will be paid by Aeroflot on top of the insurance payments provided under Russian law.

“Applications for compensation can be made at Aeroflot’s offices in Murmansk and Moscow,” Aeroflot said.

According to the airline, Flight SU1492, en route from Moscow to the city of Murmansk in northwestern Russia, suffered “malfunctions on board the aircraft” shortly after takeoff. As a result, the crew declared an emergency and returned to the airport. Later, one of the plane’s pilots told Russian media that the Sukhoi Superjet 100’s communications systems failed due to a lightning strike.

Video of the emergency suggests that the plane may not have caught fire until the aircraft bounced violently during the landing attempt, and seemingly caused the main landing gear to collapse.

A commission chaired by Russian Transport Minister Evgeny Dietrich has launched an investigation into the incident.

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