Mindblowing Aerial Photos Reveal The Utter Destruction In Moore, Oklahoma

The deadly tornado struck Moore County in Oklahoma Monday has killed 91 people, 20 of whom were children, as it left a mighty wake of destruction across the suburban landscape.

Clean-up is underway, and authorities expect to the death toll to rise.

The below pictures give an idea of the scope of the reportedly mile-wide F-4 tornado. 

aerial images pictures oklahoma tornado

Cars pushed haphazardly into the concrete corner of a parking lot. 

Oklahoma Tornado 9

The category 4 (second biggest) tornado ripped structures to pieces with 200 mph winds.

Oklahoma Tornado Damage 1

It cut an unbelievable two-mile wide swath out of the earth, taking everything that wasn’t firmly beneath ground with it.

aerial images pictures oklahoma tornado

And luck got worse for Moore when the Moore medical centre (below) took a major hit.

aerial images pictures oklahoma tornado

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