Take An Incredible Aerial Tour Of Dubai

dubai aerial photos

Photo: AirPano.com • 360° Aerial Panorama • 3D Virtual Tours Around the World

It’s been called “the City of the Future.”With its sweeping landscapes and futuristic architecture, Dubai has a skyline unlike any other city in the world. 

Our friends at Airpano, a group of Russian photographers and panorama enthusiasts, have taken to the skies to document the most visually interesting places on our planet. Dubai sits high on that list.

They used Canon 1Ds MarkII, Canon 1Ds MarkIII, Canon 5D MarkII, and a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1to take their photos.

The pictures are so insanely detailed you won’t even believe they’re real.

This is the view of Palm Jumeirah from 500 meters above sea level.

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and has origins that date to the seventh century.

Dubai is known for its plentiful attractions. The green below is Emirates Golf Club.

The Emirates Golf Course is pretty much the only green space in Dubai.

This is the view across the street from the golf club.

Dubai is also known for being a shopper's heaven. The Dubai Mall is the largest in the Middle East and features one of the largest aquariums in the world.

Dubai is ranked second after the United States as the most popular shopping destination, according to Dubai Tourism.

If you plan to stay a while, be ready to shell out some cash. Rooms at the popular Burj al Arab start at $1,000 a night.

While in town, visit the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, at 2,716.5 feet tall.

Dubai also has a vibrant night life and music scene. Performers such as Flo Rida and Snow Patrol have performed in Dubai City in the past few weeks.

The Dubai Marina is the largest and the most exclusive yacht harbor in the world.

The United Emirate holds a leading position in gold jewelry manufacturing, and the price of gold is very low in Dubai, making it an excellent souvenir from your trip.

By the time construction is complete in 2027, Dubai will be home to the largest and most expensive airport in the world.

The average temperature is 95 degrees F in Dubai. Its warm weather and beaches have made Dubai a popular resort destination.

But the beach isn't for everyone. If you're craving some white stuff, head to Ski Dubai, the first and largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East.

The Palm Jumeirah from 10,000 meters. It looks like a gigantic tree built off the coast of the Persian Gulf.

It really does look like a palm tree.

The Islands of the World is another artificial island group. Here it is from 10,000 meters above sea level.

This is a spherical panorama of the World Islands.

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