Aerial Photos Show Manhattan Like You've Never Seen It Before

Manhattan Aerial View, AirPano

Photo: Courtesy of AirPano

From the ground, Manhattan is a maze of brick and steel. From above, it’s something else entirely.The photo enthusiasts at AirPano have created a hi-res aerial tour of Manhattan that shows the island in a new light.

The team, led by Russian photographer Sergey Semenov, shot pictures from helicopters and pieced them together to create an interactive interface.

AirPano's interactive software makes it easy to jump any view you want.

The welcoming beacon of New York, Lady Liberty.

The lower tip of Manhattan, with views of Battery Park and the Financial District.

Ground Zero, and the reconstruction of the new One World Trade centre, can be clearly seen.

The vast expanse of Central Park, looking downtown.

Looking uptown from the pristine Jackie Onassis Reservoir at Central Park.

An amazing aerial shot of busy Columbus Circle at 59th Street.

The majestic Empire State Building towers high above the city.

Here's the iconic Chrysler Building and, below it, Grand Central Station.

A rare view of Upper Manhattan, including Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood. To the left, the George Washington Bridge; to the right, the Bronx.

Side by side, the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.

Now take an aerial tour of another urban marvel.

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