Aereo Is Officially ‘Pausing’ Its Service Today After This Week’s Disastrous Supreme Court Ruling

Chet kanojia ceo aereo
CEO Chet Kanojia Aereo

Aereo, a TV streaming startup, was dealt a hard blow this week when the Supreme Court ruled that it had violated copyrights owned by TV broadcasters, marketers, and distributors whose programs the company streamed.

The company has officially released a statement saying that it is pausing its service starting today.

“You will be able to access your cloud-based antenna and DVR only until 11:30 a.m. ET today,” CEO Chet Kanojia writes. “All of our users will be refunded their last paid month.”

Kanojia has previously said that there was “no plan B” for the company should the Supreme Court rule against it, but he urges customers to keep being vocal about the issue because Aereo’s “journey is far from done.”

Here’s the full letter: