This entrepreneurial power couple has three major pieces of advice for working with your partner

Sub Rosa 3926Sarah JacobsMichael and Caroline Ventura in their store Calliope

Entrepreneurial power couple Michael and Caroline Ventura know better than almost anyone how to be a successful business partner with your significant other.

The two run multiple businesses from a 19th-century, three-story building in Manhattan’s West Village, including their joint ventures: Calliope (a home goods store that also offers art classes) as well as And&And (a 2,500-square-foot event space). They also happen to live together in the building.

“It’s easier to take stuff to heart when it’s your partner that you’re either rallying against or with, and that’s equal for when something amazing happens, too,” Caroline said.

During a recent visit to Calliope, Business Insider heard what Michael and Caroline have learned during their eight years as a married couple and as business partners.

The two stressed, first and foremost, how important it is to practice empathy.

“Making sure we see something from all sides is something we practice as a family, and certainly something we practice as business owners also,” Michael said.

Another simple yet powerful takeaway the two have learned is to take a moment to truly listen to your partner’s concerns.

“If one of us is having a concern, it’s easy to make snap decisions and snap reactions, and we’ve learned to slow down a minute and think about why a situation is bothering the other person,” Caroline said.

And lastly, the old adage “don’t go to bed angry” still holds true for these two. “Work it out before you go to bed,” said Michael.

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