ADVERTISING WEEK Booked Some Of The Coolest Conference Venues In NYC

reuters view

Photo: Kim Bhasin

The folks that organised Advertising Week didn’t hold back when it came to getting fancy venues for their panels.They went with some of the coolest conference spots in Manhattan, and we stopped by four last week and took some pictures.

The venues included the Reuters Building and BB King Blues Club & Grill in Times Square, the Times centre nearby and finally the PwC building over on Madison Ave. Take a look.

First stop, Reuters -- right smack in the bustling core of Times Square

The panels were held all the way up top on the 30th floor

And the view from up there was fantastic

Next up, the BB King Blues Club & Grill down the block, with Advertising Week featured right out front

The bar wasn't up and running, but there were some refreshments available

Ben Lerer of Thrillist, Kenny Tomlin of Rockfish, Josh Hernandez of Tap.Me and Chris Erb of EA Sports spoke about how to think like a startup

We trotted over to the Times centre, the big fancy hub of Advertising Week

They were promoting the big Bloomberg Roundtable in the lobby, and the line for it looped all the way downstairs

AOL lined the place with tablets to mess around with

Inside, Bloomberg anchor Betty Liu moderated the roundtable under the bright lights

We headed down to the second hall in the Times centre. Down here, the place was plastered with the Bloomberg logo, and they were giving out fruit

It was much more toned-down, but had some cool lighting

PwC was hosting a panel on social innovation and social change in its auditorium

The venue had a very corporate look -- to be expected from the massive accountancy firm

Al Jazeera led the discussion with Facebook Privacy & Global Policy associate Adam Connor and a trio of founders from Purpose, Crowdrise and

But how do these spots compare to the glamor of Radio City?

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