The 10 most offensive ads from Australia in 2015

EdgewellYouTubeThis ad for a razor brand sparked 53 complaints.

The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau has released the 10 most complained-about ads of 2015.

In total, the watchdog received 4,000 complaints and it investigated 450 separate adverts.

The most complained-about ad sparked 161 complaints over the use of the word “bloody.”

Check out the most offensive ads from Australia in 2015.

10. Edgewell -- 53 complaints. This TV ad featured three women trimming bonsai plants that were placed in front of their crotches. People were offended by the sexual nature of the razor brand ad, but their complaints were dismissed.

9. SCA Hygiene Australasia -- 56 complaints. People complained about the inappropriate language used in this TV ad, which featured people saying 'oh sheet.' The complaints were dismissed.

8. Hyundai Motor Company Australia -- 59 complaints. The TV ad sparked complaints about alleged cruelty to animals because it featured a woman flicking her belt at a snake. The complaints were dismissed.

7. Unilever Australia -- 62 complaints. This TV ad for a Lynx hair product featured two men kissing and sparked complaints about its sexual nature. The complaints were dismissed.

6. Stan -- 66 complaints. People complained about the sexual nature of the reference to a cat in the ad as a 'big pussy.' The complaints were dismissed.

5. Sportsbet -- 71 complaints. People were offended by the way in which the ads star wiped his groin down with a towel at the gym, which some viewers said could allude to masturbation, while others simply said it was 'gross.' The complaints were dismissed.

We couldn't find the ad online, but here was AdNews' story about the ASB investigation into the spot back in April.

4. Unicharm Australasia -- 76. Complainants said this ad, which featured a woman on her period in a variety of stereotypical situations, was discriminatory against females. The complaints were dismissed.

3. Fantastic Snacks Australia -- 85 complaints. This ad showed a woman licking chip flavoring from her husband's lips. Viewers were concerned the spot was too sexual in nature, but their complaints were dismissed.

2. Ashley Madison -- 138 complaints. This TV ad featured a number of men singing about 'looking for someone other than my wife.' The ad was removed from broadcast after the ASB ruled it was 'demeaning and vilifying of women.'

1. Holden -- 161 complaints. Viewers were outraged by the use of the line 'bloody caravaners!' in this spot. Their complaints were dismissed, but Holden removed the offending word from the ad anyway.

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