What you need to know in advertising today

NBC’s ‘Will and Grace.’ NBC

For consumers seeking alternatives to linear TV, the options seem boundless.

Walmart, WarnerMedia, and Disney have all announced options coming to market – not to mention digital upstarts like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube.

But armed with an arsenal of NBCUniversal content and the largest cable TV subscriber base in the US, Comcast isn’t looking to join the list of companies offering overt-the-top (OTT) services, or television delivered over the internet.

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In other news:

YouTube star Logan Paul says he lost $US5 million because of the ‘suicide forest’ video controversy. Paul had uploaded a video from Japan’s “suicide forest” that showed a dead body, which was met with immediate backlash.

Google’s famous Googleplex headquarters was the epicentre for its worldwide walkout over gender discrimination – here’s what it was like on the scene. Hundreds of Google employees took part in a walkout at the company’s Mountain View, California headquarters Thursday to protest sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Older Americans are driving growth for Netflix-like services in 2018, and it could be a bad omen for traditional TV. A new Ampere Analysis report found that subscriptions to SVOD – streaming video on demand – services have grown this year after plateauing in previous quarters.

Toys R Us appears to have quietly relaunched as ‘Geoffrey’s Toy Box’ with pop-ups in grocery stores.Toys R Us’ controlling interests decided in early October not to auction off all of its assets. Instead, it reorganized its intellectual property into a holding company called Geoffrey, LLC.

CBS turned in a strong quarterly financial showing, powered by subscription and advertising growth, reports the Wall Street Journal. Revenue rose 2.9% to $US3.26 billion, including a 14% increase from advertising and an 8% increase from content licensing and distribution.