Yahoo Blows Another Huge Lead Over Google (YHOO)


Conventional wisdom among online ad-buyers has been that Google is for search and Yahoo is for display.

This has worked out for Google, which just reported $4.2 billion net revenues during a brutal Q4. But it hasn’t been all bad for Yahoo, which eMarketer says owns 33% of the $7.1 billion US online display market.

Here’s some bad news for Yahoo, though: Conventional wisdom may be changing. Among the people who matter, Google now considered just as much of a display advertising option as Yahoo.

AdAge got an early look at survey results from Research firm Advertiser Perception, which polled 1,212 agency executives:

  • “Google bested Yahoo when it came to results advertisers felt they were getting from campaigns: Advertisers rated Yahoo 29% better than the average of the 150 online media companies in the survey, but Google rated 43% better.”
  • “In terms of audience, advertisers perceive virtually no difference between display ads on Google and display ads on Yahoo.”
  • “In customer service, Google is beating Yahoo handily: Google rates 19% above the industry average compared with 9% above average for Yahoo”

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