Pinterest Targeted For New Advertising Regulations

Nutrisystem Pinterest

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Brands on Pinterest will now have to disclose information about paid spokespeople, abnormal results, and other irregularities just as they do in other forms of traditional advertising.The decision came earlier this month from the National Advertising Division, the industry’s self-regulation group under the umbrella of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, following pins on Nutrisystem’s board.

NAD ruled that testimonials described as “Real Consumers, Real Success” improperly failed to disclose that the individuals were paid and their results were abnormal.

For its part, Nutrisystem claimed the disclosures were inadvertently omitted and has since changed the pictures.

“The advertiser stated that the testimonials at issue had appeared on Pinterest for less than two months, and said the disclosures were added immediately upon receipt of NAD’s letter,” according to a press release from the NAD.

Going forward, the NAD’s position on Pinterest is clear—the social media board is under the same scrutiny that exists on other sites like Facebook and traditional forms of advertising.

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