Advertisers are not happy with Apple's upcoming news app

Advertisers are not happy with Apple News, a new app that comes with Apple’s upcoming iPhone and iPad software update iOS 9.

According to The New York Post, ad execs have been complaining that Apple has imposed strict rules on how adverts will be displayed alongside content from publishers in the new app.

Apple News, which becomes available with iOS 9 on September 16, includes a slick new interface that includes the ability to display graphics, videos and more with a quick and intuitive interface. Apple’s previous effort, Newsstand, has been shuttered to make way for the service.

One advertising exec compared agencies to Taylor Swift, the artist who famously kicked up a fuss about Apple Music when it was discovered that indie musicians would be penalised by the service. “We’re like Taylor Swift, [Apple News is] giving us some great ways to distribute our product, but they’re not giving us a lot of ways to monetise it,” the exec told The Post.

Apple has moved off some of the harder aspects of the advertising policy — such as not allowing links to the publishers websites — but other controls remain.

The News app won’t allow DoubleClick, Google’s advertising service, to be integrated, and pre-roll video adverts will be vetted by Apple before they are allowed to run.

Just as with Facebook’s “Instant Articles,” publishers have to choose how much control they want to give a third party — in this case Apple — while simultaneously reaching the largest audience.

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