This Startup Helps Businesses Get The Most Out Of Google And Facebook Ads michael co-founder Michael Oxley

Photo: Michael Oxley, is a young Silicon Valley startup that helps small businesses sell more online by writing their ads for them. Ads on Google and Facebook can be a great way for small businesses to sell online, but the clickthrough (and therfore resulting sales) can vary widely depending on the copy you write.

One way to figure out winning copy is to run several ads and see which one performs better, but that can be a pain, especially for small businesses that can be understaffed and not-so tech savvy.

There are tools that help you with that, but goes one step further by actually writing your copy for you. Their team of PhDs has written an algorithm that scans your inventory and writes your copy for you, and then optimizes it on the fly, learning and getting better as it does. are in beta with “a dozen customers”, co-founder Michael Oxley told us, and has already written 10 million ads in three months. “Some customers have doubled their traffic, because they are advertising products they previously didn’t. Others are seeing smaller but incremental gains from the additional a/b testing of new ads against their old ads,” Oxley says.

Anything that helps businesses get better at advertising online is great. Small businesses can gain a lot from being active online, but the mechanics are still messy and hard to figure out. provides a useful service by helping small businesses get more out of advertising. 

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