How Much Would You Pay For Adventure Underwear?

Here’s a new Kickstarter for some men’s briefs that feature two hidden waterproof pockets. A product like this could only be named Adventure Underwear.

Maybe you’re travelling in a dangerous country and need a secret place to stash money. Or perhaps, like surname-less cofounder Franklin, you don’t want to lose your wedding ring at the beach.

Maybe you just want to go for a swim with an iPhone. Maybe you’re a spearhunter.

Made out of Australian merrino wool, each pair of underwear has two pockets in the front made out of waterproof rubber. The pockets can keep your stuff dry down to 200 feet, you spearhunting rascal.

A backing donation of $US39 gets you one pair of the magic underwear. Check out the video below and head over to their campaign if you’re intrigued.

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