February Retail Sales Hit Expectations With Good Upward Revisions And Strong Sales Ex-Autos

Photo: kalleboo

UPDATE:February retail sales came in solid all around.

Headline retail sales were up 1.1%, which is exactly the number that analysts had predicted.

Excluding autos, retail sales were up 0.9%, better than the 0.7% that was expected.

And the good news is that last month’s number was revised higher, from a 0.4% headline to a 0.6% headline.

So, the consumer is alive!

ORIGINAL POST: This is a pretty big number to watch: Analysts expect a rise of 1.1% in February retail sales.

Excluding autos, sales are only expected to rise 0.7%.

And excluding autos and gas, sales are only expected to rise 0.5%.

Given all the focus on gas prices and weak end demand, this is a big number to watch.

We’ll have it here LIVE at 8:30 AM.

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