Adulterer's Prison Is A Business Risk In Dubai

dubai wife

Adjusting to local norms and laws is always a challenge for expats. In some countries you can’t drink alcohol, or if you do, you ought to do it very privately. Some countries may require foreign workers to keep quiet about their religious beliefs.

In Dubai, foreign workers should be advised of adulterer’s prison.

Daily Mail: A second British mother is facing jail in Dubai after she admitted cheating on her husband – an offence in the United Arab Emirates.

Sally Antia, 43, was arrested earlier this month after her husband, also believed to be British, reported her to the police.

Vincent Antia told the police of his suspicions on May 2.

They launched a 2am raid, catching Ms Antia leaving the £477-a-night Radisson Dubai Deira Creek hotel with her lover.

Earlier this year, another British woman was sentenced to three months in jail after her husband turned her in.

The Times of London has more:

Mrs Antia is believed to have worked for a corporate entertainment company.

She wrote recently on her page on the networking website Friends Reunited: “Living in Dubai for the last 12 years. Married with two girls now aged 11 and 13. Enjoying the sunshine, but often home to watch a match. Massive Red fan. Happy and healthy . . . what more can you ask for?”

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