Victoria's Secret model says there's a huge misconception about her job that drives her crazy

Life is hard for Adriana Lima.

The legendary Victoria’s Secret model — who once disclosed to The Telegraph that she drinks only protein shakes complete with powdered eggs nine days before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — posted a tired, beautifully haggard no-makeup selfie to dispel the myth that being a model is easy and glamorous.

(We here at Business Insider¬†know it’s hard; I’ve tried to eat like one and it was a miserable experience.)

Here’s the makeup-free¬†photo:

And here’s Lima’s Instagram diary entry — which she swears, is not a “complain [sic].”

“This is not a complain [sic], just sharing a little bit of my life. Sometimes, people question, that model life is easy, and that’s wrong, we work as hard as any other individual. Today I had 10 hours of work day, shooting with a very bad cold, coughing no stop and a massive headache. That did not stopped me on doing what I love. I finished, went to airport, to comeback home to see my 2 princesses. Arriving there, my flight was over 3 hours delayed. I fly from NYC to Miami. Just waked [sic] home 2am. Happy to be here. And wanted to share the face of a hard working model, and share that I am not the only one that works this hard. Thank you. And I hope my message doesn’t get misunderstand. Love u all.”

Hey, her day is almost as long as that of a Wall Street intern.

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