REPORT: This Actress Slapped George Soros In The Face Yesterday

George Soros’ former girlfriend slapped him Tuesday afternoon during a break in a deposition over whether the billionaire owes her money, according to multiple reports.

Adriana Ferreyr, a 30-year-old South American soap actress, is suing Soros, 83, for breaking his promise to give her a $US1.9 million Upper East Side condo. He ended up giving it to his current wife, Tamiko Bolton, whom he recently married. A judge has ruled that Ferreyr could press her case against Soros for inflicting emotional distress.

Here’s how it went down, according to court documents cited by the New York Daily News:

When the lawyers agreed at 1 p.m. to break for lunch, Singer said, Ferreyr “suddenly and without warning … lunged at Mr. Soros — who is 83 years old — and struck his head with her hands, knocking off the headphones he was wearing to amplify the audio in the room.”

“Ms. Ferreyr pulled back her arm to strike Mr. Soros in the face. I was able to grab both of (her) arms to move her away….I let go of her arms. Ms. Ferreyr immediately swung at my face, knocking off my glasses.”

Three years ago, Ferreyr filed a $US50 million lawsuit against Soros, whom she dated on-and-off again from 2005 to 2010. She alleges that during a “romantic reunion,” Soros whispered that he gave the apartment he allegedly promised her to another woman, who would become his wife. BI’s Julia Roche covered this at the time »

She went on to claim that Soros slapped her across the face, and attempted to choke her and strike her with a glass lamp. He missed and she ended up cutting her foot. she claims.

Last Spring, Soros countersued, alleging that it was in fact Ferreyr who threw the lamp, hitting him on the forearm, that he did not hit her, and that she cut her foot when the lamp broke.

You can read the full details of Tuesday’s skirmish on the News’ website »

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