Adrian Wojnarowski, the foremost NBA insider, is reportedly starting at ESPN within days

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo will join ESPN on July 1, the start of NBA free agency, according to Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated.

Wojnarowski’s move was first reported by Deadspin in February and subsequently by Recode in May, the latter coming shortly after a round of big layoffs at ESPN. Neither ESPN nor Wojnarowski confirmed the reports.

Last Friday, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst seemed to tease the move on Zach Lowe of ESPN’s podcast “The Lowe Post,” saying ESPN may be announcing a free-agency hire of their own in July, though neither he nor Lowe specified.

The move by ESPN to bring Wojnarowski over from Yahoo and his own NBA-related site, The Vertical — it’s also been rumoured that the rest of The Vertical staff will join him — suggests ESPN is trying to become the go-to source for breaking NBA news.

However, it also comes after ESPN laid off their own NBA insider, Marc Stein, who has continued to work with the company, even through the NBA Draft.

ESPN declined to comment. Yahoo did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

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