Report: Adrian Peterson Admits To Smoking 'A Little Weed' Before Drug Test, Could Be Arrested Again

Adrian Peterson faces possible arrest in Texas after telling staff member that he “smoked a little weed” before a court-ordered drug test, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Fox26 in Houston.

From Schefter:

“Court records show while giving his urine sample Wednesday, Adrian Peterson admitted to a staffer he had ‘smoked a little weed’ before the test. As a result of that, the Montgomery County District Attorney has asked the judge in this case to set aside Peterson’s $US15,000 bond and have him arrested again.”

Peterson was indicted on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child after allegedly hitting his four-year-old son. He was in Montgomery County, Texas for a brief court appearance on Wednesday, where he was drug tested.

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