Here Are The States That Are Adding Jobs The Fastest

Last week’s jobs report was fantastic news for the economy, with 288,000 jobs added in June. Today, ADP released their estimates for regional and state job growth in June.

Each region of the U.S. added jobs last month, as did all 29 of the states for which ADP released estimates. Here’s a map showing the per cent change in private sector payrolls from May to June:

Nevada and Texas had the fastest growth among the 29 states, adding 4,050 and 36,140 jobs respectively. This lead to month over month growth rates in payroll jobs of 0.38% and 0.37%.

Of the 29 states in the ADP report, Connecticut had the smallest growth rate, adding just 1,140 jobs in June: just a 0.08% change since May.

By region, growth was fastest in the West, where 80,440 jobs were added, giving a monthly growth rate of 0.31%. Growth was slowest in the northeast, with 33,680 jobs added, a 0.15% month over month change.

Official Bureau of Labour Statistics figures for state level employment statistics tend to take some time to be released. The Bureau of Labour Statistics’ June numbers will be out on July 18, but the ADP estimates make for a good preview of the official statistics.

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