PHOTOS: Adobe's Historic San Francisco Office Is Filled With Charm And A Few Scary Vaults

If you’re looking for a cool place to work, few can top the biggest names in tech.

Companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft have built massive campuses with their own cafeterias, gyms, game rooms, and even areas where you can get some alone time or take a nap.

But software maker Adobe has something those giants don’t: a building that just so happens to be a historic landmark in downtown San Francisco.

As detailed in the post on the company’s blog, Adobe’s main office in San Francisco is in the famous Baker & Hamilton building, a warehouse built almost a century ago. A landmark on the National Registry of Historic Places, the building “is the last remaining piece of an industrial and commercial complex important in the development of San Francisco and the West.”

The Baker-Hamilton building began construction in 1904, was completed in 1905, and miraculously survived the major earthquake and fires of 1906. The original owner's sign is still there.

Adobe doesn't detract from the sense of history. Its sign is much smaller and only noticeable near the entrance.

Building your office into an old warehouse has its perks. The first thing you notice is how much space there is everywhere.

Adobe takes security seriously. I had to check in at the front desk and get a badge that would let me swipe past these pillars in the lobby.

There's a wall that serves as a massive collage. I couldn't stand far enough back to take a photo of the entire thing, ever with my wide-angle lens.

The building used to be a warehouse, so there are a few old-school vaults throughout where valuables were kept. Adobe keeps office supplies in this one.

My tour guide and I found a number of Nerf guns and ammunition lying around. There must be a friendly war going on.

Here's the new layout that Adobe is rolling out across its office. Open space is the focus, which will hopefully lead to more productive collaboration.

Waiting for the elevator? Might as well contribute to one of the puzzles being put together.

In one of the office spaces, there's a whiteboard where people are free to get creative. Among the random drawings, an awesome sketch of Gandalf from 'The Lord of the Rings.'

There were lots of interesting multimedia art pieces throughout the building. I'm not sure what this one is supposed to make you think or feel, but it's quite pretty.

Employees can head to the basketball court on the roof of Adobe's parking garage for impromptu afternoon games. There also happens to be a fantastic view of downtown San Francisco.

The building looks incredibly beautiful as twilight sets in.

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