Adobe's New San Francisco Office Was Built For Collaboration -- Take A Look Inside

Adobe recently opened new offices in San Francisco’s South of Market neighbourhood.

The 44,000-square-foot office spans 2.5 floors of space in a recently renovated building in the tech-saturated neighbourhood, just two blocks away from the company’s other offices on Townsend Street.

With lots of exposed brick, graphic art, and comfortable leather couches, this office seems to be designed for both comfort and fun. One lounge even has a fully stocked mini fridge and a giant photo of Robert Frost in goofy sunglasses.

The space was designed by architectural and design firm Valerio Dewalt Train Associates.

Adobe's new San Francisco offices take up 44,000 square feet of space in a historic building in San Francisco's South of Market neighbourhood.

Though Adobe is headquartered in San Jose, the company has office space in three different buildings in San Francisco. All three offices are located on Townsend Street.

This office is situated over 2.5 levels of the 4-story building at 410 Townsend Street, and each part has its own quirky relaxation area. In this lounge, you'll spot Robert Frost sporting some stunner shades. Add in a fully stocked mini-fridge and a flatscreen TV, and this area looks a bit like a college dorm room.

You'll see lots of graphic art-inspired Adobe logos all over the office.

'The new finishes throughout the space typically provide an impulsive pop of colour and texture against the building's classic SOMA exposed brick and heavy timber structure,' the architects said in a press release announcing the project.

On the first floor, this large common area is meant to be the hub of activity in the office, serving as a venue for 'all-hands meetings, art openings, guest speakers, hack-a-thons or just lunch with co-workers,' according to the architects.

More flatscreen TVs are hung above the booths.

And employees can help themselves to food in the kitchen.

A series of conference rooms form a cluster on the second and third floors.

This conference room in particular looks a lot like a classroom.

But there are plenty of more informal places to sit. 'Collaboration is in Adobe's DNA, and each neighbourhood features a 'team relax' space that takes advantage of the views and provide a casual meeting destination protected by a glazed enclosure,' the architects said.

This cafe would be another nice place to eat lunch with coworkers.

There's also a booth that could provide a more private eating space.

And you could catch some great views of the San Francisco skyline from this lounge.

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