AdMob: iPhone, iPod Touch Growth Exploding Internationally

admob iPhone distribution

Apple’s (AAPL) devices are growing like a weed in Japan, according to new data from mobile ad firm AdMob.AdMob analysed the trends from the 18.0 million iPhones and 7.3 million iPod touches it served ads to, and came up with the following results.

  • The iPhone and iPod grew fastest in Japan between January and November.
  • Apple’s iPhone and iPod are seeing bigger growth internationally, in general. AdMob served over 100,000 unique ad requests to Apple devices in 23 countries.
  • The U.S. remains the dominant country with AdMob serving up 50% of its unique ad impressions there. However, in January it was 61%.

A few notes about the data. AdMob only served ads to 25 million iPhones and iPod Touches. Analyst estimates say there could be 78 million of those devices in the world by the end of the year. So, these numbers aren’t definitive, but they certainly provide a directional snapshot at Apple’s market.

More importantly, there are two moving targets here that define AdMob’s data: In addition to the numbers of iPhones and iPod touches on the market, AdMob’s data is also heavily influenced by the publishers that use AdMob for mobile ads. So growth in Japan, for example, could just as easily be influenced by signing on a few big Japanese publishers or app makers as by Apple’s actual iPhone sales.

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