Here’s The REAL Reason AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui Left Google

Omar Hamoui

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Yesterday, we reported that AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui’s departure from Google was probably a result of the AdMob integration “just not going great.”Today, another take from another industry executive: Yes, Omar got rich, and didn’t have to take Google’s crap anymore, so he left. 

But Google also set Hamoui up to fail, this person says.

“Omar has no corporate experience whatsoever,” this person says. (Hamoui founded AdMob in 2006 while in business school at Wharton.) “He wasn’t loved as a CEO by his management team before the exit*, and didn’t know how to navigate the big structure of Google at all.” (See update below.)

Plus, Google screwed up “by giving him too much autonomy and too big of a title,” this person says. “It prevented him from being successful.”

As VP of Mobile Ads, Hamoui was running Google’s mobile ad business. According to this Quora page, he was reporting directly to Susan Wojcicki, who oversees all of Google’s ad businesses. (She was recently promoted to senior vice president.)

But our source argues that running mobile ads as a separate business — as opposed to running it under the display ads business — “made no sense at all.” This person explains, “Mobile ads are display ads. Display ads are already (well) run by Neal Mohan” at Google.

Perhaps now that Hamoui has left, Google will now realign mobile ads under display advertising. 

We’ve reached out to Google and Hamoui for comment, but haven’t heard back.

Meanwhile, Hamoui has taken to Twitter: He tweeted last night, “Day 1: Not so bad, really :)”

*Update: One of Hamoui’s former employees reached out privately to comment on this story. This person says that the descriptions of AdMob’s issues within Google’s business are accurate, but that our descriptions of Hamoui’s relationship with his staff are inaccurate. “I know the executive team well and this does not reflect reality. I, and others, would happily work for Omar again.”

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