BREAKING: Admiral Allen Clears BP To Commence Integrity Test And Try To Close The Well

thad allen

Admiral Allen has cleared BP to commence integrity test and attempt to close the well. From @BP_america:

  • Early this afternoon, I briefed President & Cabinet & we will tell BP to proceed w/ well integrity test. -Adm Allen
  • We will start to increase pressure in capping stack in 6 hr intervals to review pressure data as well as sonar & acoustic data. -Adm Allen
  • Well integrity test will run for 48 hrs. Then, we stand down, assess where we are at & what to do next. -Adm Allen
  • We are building out an enhanced containment strategy in case the tests do not go well & we have to continue containment. -Adm Allen

The White House stopped the test yesterday to allow more analysis of potential risks. With Allen now talking about backup plans, it’s clear these risks still exist — and they’re better than the alternative.

Watch this live cam closely and you will see BP attempt to close the leak:

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