Most Women's World Cup teams have their own uniforms for the first time, but Adidas won't sell some of the countries in men's sizes

AdidasSpain’s jerseys won’t be available in men’s sizes.
  • The Women’s World Cup will be held this summer, and for the first time, most of the teams will have uniforms that are not just carbon copies of the men’s national teams.
  • While Nike will be selling the jerseys in men’s sizes for all of the countries they work with, Adidas says there is not enough demand for men’s sizes for three of the four countries wearing their brand.
  • Fans who want jerseys in men’s sizes for Germany, Spain, or Sweden are out of luck.
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Some men looking to support their favourite country at this summer’s Women’s World Cup by wearing the official national team jersey may have a hard time finding one in their size thanks to a curious decision by Adidas.

Most of the 24 Women’s World Cup teams have unveiled their new uniforms for the tournament and, for the first time, most of the countries will have sets that are not just carbon copies of the men’s national team kits.

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While the manufacturers of the uniforms will try to cash in on this year’s biggest soccer tournament by selling the jerseys to fans, Adidas, unlike Nike, won’t be making some of the countries available in men’s sizes.

Teams without men’s sizes available include soccer-mad countries Spain, Sweden, and Germany.


Interestingly, Adidas will produce men’s sizes for Scotland away jerseys, which are available for presale.

A representative for Adidas told Foot Headlines that there just wasn’t enough demand for the jerseys of the other countries in men’s sizes.

“So far, demand on the consumer side has actually been too low,” the rep told Footy Headlines.

In contrast, Nike, who manufacturers the kits for 14 of the 24 countries, has already made the U.S. Women’s National Team jersey available in men’s sizes and says the others are coming.

U.S. Women's National Team jerseyNike

Nike also makes the uniforms for the Australian team, and a presale for their jerseys in men’s sizes sold out quickly,according to Footy Headlines.

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