Adidas' new 3D-printed sneaker will cost $333 a pair

Credit @mervinkaye 1 10@mervinkayeThe Adidas 3D Runner sneaker.

Adidas is making a leap into the future with its new sneaker.

Called the 3D Runner, the shoe is constructed with a webbed, 3D-printed midsole and an outsole structure that is fortified in high-impact areas. Adidas says this allows the shoe to be comfortable, flexible, and durable.

The shoe comes with a Primeknit knitted upper, and it will retail for $333 in a very limited run available Thursday in New York, Tokyo, and London.

Adidas considers this just the first step on the long road for 3D-printed innovation.

“This is just the beginning,” Mikal Peveto, senior director of Adidas’ Future team, said in a press release. “Creating customised shoes based on an individual’s footprint — including their running style, foot shape, performance needs and personal preferences — is a north star for the industry and Adidas is leading with cutting edge innovations.”

As Adidas stated last year, the goal for the technology is for customers to be able to walk into an Adidas store, run briefly on a treadmill, and walk out with a custom 3D-printed running shoe.

The shoe would be a flexible copy of the runner’s footprint, matching the foot’s exact grooves, instep, and contours. Adidas says this will set athletes up for their best running experience ever.

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