Adele's Ex-Boyfriend Who Inspired Her Grammy-Winning Album Finally Revealed


Photo: AP

Slimy Slinky Winfield aka Slinky Sunbeam left Adele… for a Burberry model.

After the world wondered who the wretched fellow was who broke the beloved Adele’s heart so badly that she later won six Grammy awards singing about it, The New York Post has uncovered the now notorious man who “could have had it all.”

Meet Slinky, the singer/actor who hails from a faded seaside resort town in England and is described by friends as a “popular guy, the life and soul of the party.”

“He’s a seriously good-looking guy. He has a great body and likes to wear vests to show it off,” a source (Slinky?) close to Adele told the NYP. “And he has this crazy hair which reminds me of Jimi Hendrix—it’s really wild and untamed.”

Slinky and Adele initially met through mutual art world friends in London and bonded over their shared love of music, although his “material is more underground and kind of art-school trendy.”
And as hard as we tried to get over the fact that Slinky apparently has a penchant for wearing vests with nothing underneath, it’s this YouTube video below that has us seriously questioning Adele’s taste in men.

But just how serious the relationship was seems to be up for debate.
“They never lived together, and I can’t really recall Slinky ever describing Adele as his girlfriend,” admits the source.
Adds a music industry insider, “I’m not saying she made it up, but there’s a strong suspicion that she’s gilding the lily.”
Meanwhile, as Slinky remains under the radar, some hilarious genius has created a parody Twitter account under the name, @AdelesExBF.

The @AdelesExBF handle already has over 4,000 followers and has tweeted gems such as: “One time a black pen exploded in Adele’s mouth and she actively did nothing about it,” “Adele would print out old transcripts of ‘Caroline in the City’ and make me watch as she performed every role,” and “Adele used to microwave single pieces of bologna because she liked it ‘dry.'”

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