Adele has harsh words for music streaming: ‘It probably is the future, but, eh’

Adele in the ‘Hello’ video. Vevo

Adele doesn’t care much for streaming services and wants CDs to make a comeback.

Rolling Stone released some quotes that didn’t make it into the magazine’s November cover story about the musician, including her thoughts on streaming services like Spotify, which she did not give rights to offer her record-breaking new album “25.”

“It probably is the future, but, eh,” she said. “There are kids I know who are, like, nine who don’t even know what a f*****g CD is! I’ve got my CDs out on display in my house just to prove a point. Maybe CDs will have a massive comeback like vinyl did. Actually I think cassettes, just to be a pain in the arse!”

At the time of the interview in October, Adele hadn’t decided to keep her album off of streaming services. Now, Pandora is the only site to stream her album because it constitutes a radio broadcast.

The singer also said, “I don’t care if 10 people buy the album as long as those, like, 10 people believe me. That’s the most important thing to me, is just being believed.”

Right now, more than 4 million people believe in her, and they helped her crush the record for most copies of an album sold in its debut week, selling 3.38 million copies of “25” last week alone.

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