In cruel twist, Australian football fan bites into empty pie as he watches his team lose

SuppliedAn Australian abomination.

Sometimes life deals us a cruel, unexpected blow. If it isn’t devastating enough to watch your AFL team lose, imagine then being forced to eat a pie filled with nothing but air.

An Adelaide Crows fan had to live through this traumatic event on Saturday, when he decided to fill the hole in his heart with a Balfours pie at Adelaide Oval.

The Adelaide man, who asked to remain anonymous, posted a photo on Facebook of his sad, empty pie with the tag line “Balfours, forgot something?”. The photo showed one of Balfours famous Footy Pies with absolutely nothing inside.

Despite his team being beaten by the West Coast Eagles 85-73 in the last quarter, the pie eater said he could see the funny side.

He told Business Insider Australia he found the incident hilarious and that despite the pie containing no meat and only taking one bite, it still tasted delicious.

Balfours, an iconic South Australian bakery, promotes its Footy Pie as filled with “succulent cuts of meat, herbs and a slightly peppery seasoning.”

A spokesperson for Balfours told Business Insider Australia it has recognised the issue and will be working with Adelaide Oval to put in place measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

To be fair, Balfours claims that every minute five Balfours square pies and three Balfours custard tarts are consumed. In other words: one empty pie out of millions ain’t bad odds.

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