A woman bought all the remaining pairs of shoes at a closing Payless store and gave them to flood victims in Nebraska

Courtesy of Addy TrittAddy Tritt with all of the shoes she bought from Payless.

A 25-year-old woman bought 204 pairs of shoes from a Kansas Payless store to donate to flood victims in Nebraska.

Addy Tritt purchased all of the remaining shoes at the store in Hays, Kansas, according to The Hutch Post.

The order – which cost just $US100 after discounts – included 162 pairs of baby shoes, 40 pairs of women’s shoes, and two pairs of men’s shoes.

Payless announced it was going out of business earlier this year and closing all of its stores. Without the store-closing discounts, the shoes would have cost $US6,000.

Tritt told INSIDER that she normally donates items anonymously or under a fake name, but she had to use her real name when she realised she had no way of transporting the items from Kansas to Nebraska.

“I didn’t want to, but I’m in the middle of a move from Kansas to Oklahoma,” she said. “I didn’t have a way to personally take them to Nebraska. So I posted on ‘Hays buy sell trade’ [Facebook group] asking for help … then it blew up.”

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At least 2 people have died in massive floods swallowing eastern Nebraska. Photos show what the damage looks like on the ground.

Trittt gave half of her shoes to a woman on the “Hays buy sell trade group” who offered to help with transport, and the rest to a drive at her alma mater, Fort Hays State University, organised by the Sigma Alpha agricultural sorority, according to CNN.

The shoes donated to the school were delivered to Nebraska on Monday along with water and other supplies.

“I really feel I have been directed and guided to help people,” Tritt told The Hutch Post about her donation. “I think everything is a part of God’s plan. If you can do something for someone else, you need to find a way even if it is a pair of shoes.”

All of the shoes went to people affected by the Nebraska floods that caused more than $US1 billion in damages.

Three people died in the floods, and two others remain missing and are presumed dead, according to the Lincoln Star Journal.

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