Microsoft’s most popular phone is nearly three years old

The most popular phone that runs Windows is the Lumia 520, released in April 2013, according to research firm AdDuplex.

The 520 has a 13% share of the total Windows Phone market, according to the research, followed by the Lumia 535, which was released in December 2014, and the Lumia 630, released in May 2014.

The latest Windows Phones — the Lumia 640 and Lumia 435 — represent just 10% of the total market. The Lumia 950, which is the flagship Microsoft phone, does not have a large enough share to make it out of the “Other” grouping.

Microsoft has had problems getting consumers interested in Windows phones in the US, much of Europe, and the world. According to research firm Kantar, Britain is the only market where the share of Windows devices grew.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella downplayed the difficulties, arguing that people still use Windows, just not on a phone.

Here is a breakdown of the most-used Windows Phones:

Windows Phone usage Adduplex
Almost every single one of the most-used Windows devices is more than two years old. AdDuplex

The picture in the US is a little different, with a better representation of newer phones, such as the Lumia 928. However, the higher-priced handsets capture just 8.4% of the total market, leaving the rest to cheaper models.

Here is a breakdown of the US market share:

Windows Phone usage AdDuplex
Very few high-end Windows Phones are used in the US. AdDuplex

The newest version of the operating system — named Windows 10 Mobile — has failed to gain much market share, most likely because it is only available on three devices, all of which are high-end. Windows Phone 8.1, released in 2014, is the most popular version.

Here is a breakdown:

Windows Phone usage AdDuplex
Windows 10 Mobile has not been a hit. AdDuplex

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