DATA: Pinterest Now Bigger Than Google+ And Tumblr For Brands


Pinterest sharing is now greater than Google+ and Tumblr according to new data from social bookmarking service AddThis.The data dovetails with earlier reports that marketers were giving up on Google+ in favour of Pinterest, with its shopping-friendly audience.

Sharing to Pinterest is 6% greater than Tumblr and 7% greater than Google +1, AddThis said. The company’s data is drawn from 1.3 billion unique users monthly.

The service also reported that referral traffic from Pinterest was 30% higher than from Twitter across its 14 million site network in the month of May.

According to AddThis, people following brands increased 26% in the last month. In addition, the service gave insight into its mobile platform breakdown for Pinterest usage:

  • 55% iPad,
  • 17% iPhone,
  • 28% Android

That means almost three-quarters of its mobile users are accessing Pinterest via an Apple product.

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