Addison Lee's latest weapon in the fight against Uber is actually pretty cool

Addison Lee, Europe’s largest private minicab operator, is locked in a battle with Uber in Britain right now.

CEO Liam Griffin told us recently: “It would be wrong to say Uber is having no impact because it is. Uber has definitely been disruptive.”

Griffin says Uber is stealing away the under-35s market and drivers who typically serve them — unsurprising given Uber’s appeal to the smartphone generation.

Addison Lee aren’t taking the fight lying down and are trying their best to win over these market segment.

Their latest attempt to win over the young is Snooze, a nice feature that lets you delay a pre-booked cab just as you would “snooze” an alarm clock.

Customers who have pre-booked a cab in the app can just hit the snooze button to delay its arrival for anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour.

Addison Lee says: “Whether an important meeting has over-run or a night out with friends is going far better than expected, the Snooze feature will be the ideal solution.”

I have to admit, this does seem like a smart and fun feature. I’m sure can people will relate to a cab turning up earlier than you anticipated — it’s certainly happened to me.

But at the same time, this is far from a silver bullet against Uber. One of Uber’s big advantages is its accuracy of estimating when a driver will arrive before you’ve even ordered because you can see who’s around. That means you only order when you’re ready.

To add to to Addison Lee’s headache, Uber are now going after the company’s biggest market — business customers. BI revealed yesterday that Uber UK is in the process of hiring an “Uber for Business” sales team to win corporate customers, after operating the service under the radar for over a year now.

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