How To Use The New "Add To Foursquare" Button To Promote Your Business Or Publication

Foursquare Times Square

Foursquare just introduced a new feature: “add to Foursquare” buttons that can be embedded onto any website, allowing users to put tips and venues in their to-do list from within, say, a restaurant review.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to adding one of these buttons to your site →

We think it’s a big deal both for Foursquare and its users. But why would anyone else want to put these buttons on their website?

The buttons are largely aimed at two groups: publications that run reviews, and the owners of the venues themselves.

First, and at least for now, much more importantly, web publishers can embed these buttons in bar and restaurant reviews. The publications create “tips” about venues which link back to their reviews. The buttons are tied to these tips, so that users who click them are reminded not just of the venue, but where they heard about it.

For business owners, the value is much more straightforward: embedding these buttons on their sites could prove a good way to drive foot traffic.

So, how do you get an “add to Foursquare” button on your site?

Go to, and search for your venue

Every venue page now has one of these embed buttons on it

You can also create buttons for tips. This is actually the primary use case at this point, since reviewers want to keep you connected with THEM, not just the places they review.

Either way, clicking an embed button pops up this window. Choose your button style, and copy the code.

Paste the code into the HTML of any web page.

Voila! You've just published an Add to Foursquare button.

Any reader who clicks on it (and is signed in to Foursquare) will get this pop-up

Once they confirm, the tip or venue is added to their to-do list.

When I load up my to-do list on the site, or, more importantly, on my phone, there it is!

Here's an operational add to Foursquare button in the wild at Curbed's Eater site. Next stop: NYT, WSJ, Time Out, and New York.

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