Trick Out Your Facebook Page And Get Thousands Of New Fans

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Photo: AP

When you go to the Facebook page of any major brand, it does not look like the Facebook page of your business. Their page has fancy tabs, apps and features that your page does not have. Guess what? I bet their page has 500,000 or 25,000 fans, while your page only has a few hundred fans (or “Likes”) if even that.If you want to get a lof of fans or likes you’re going to have to work very hard to attract an audience to your web site – that’s just simple online marketing.

However, once your audience gets to your Facebook page, you might want to consider doing some things with your web site beyond the regular Facebook page of comments and photos.

What Dell has done with their Facebook page, is to integrate their support system, so customers can get help, within Facebook.

At Social Media week this week, I volunteered to help and my assigned “hub” was at the Hearst building where the arts & entertainment content was showcased. One the panels I heard a few snippets of was attended by two MTV representatives and they shared how no longer are they just trying to get people to come to the MTV web site, but they are also working to embed MTV’s brand and content in other areas – like Facebook. To do this they have had to build applications to enrich the content in other online destinations, beyond,

So now the question turns to YOU. What can you do to enhance the functionality of your Facebook page. I have a solution for you.

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