Adap.TV, Competitor to NY's Revlayer, Raises $10mm

Valley company Adap.TV, which offers a way to insert advertising and share revenue in videos shown on your site, raised $10 million from Redpoint and Gemini.  Adap.TV competes with a New York’s Revlayer, which just announced a similar product.

Adap.TV’s solution inserts a graphical strip at the bottom of the video screen, as shown here on this image from Beet.TV:


Revlayer’s ad-sharing solution, meanwhile, inserts a static ad over the entire video, which must be removed (via a click) before the video can be viewed.  Both companies sell ads and take a hefty split of revenue: 30% in Adap.TV’s case, 20% in Revlayer’s (Revlayer takes one impression out of five). 

It’s too early to tell what form such “overlay” advertising will ultimately take, and, just as important, whether YouTube and other video hosters will develop similar insertion solutions of their own.  But  one thing is clear: products like these are good news for publishers.  Beet.TV

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