Adam Spencer Just Announced He Will Quit ABC Breakfast Radio

Leading breakfast broadcaster Adam Spencer just announced he will quit his Sydney show on ABC Radio at the end of this year.


He said he had decided to leave before ABC had to make decision about the future of his show – but also that he was looking forward to seeing more of his young family after eight years on the early shift.

He grew the audience share for ABC to make his the second-most-listened-to morning show in Sydney.

Spencer, a maths graduate and occasional stand-up comedian, has brought some unconventional topics to breakfast radio with his enthusiasm for traditionally geeky subjects such as chess and physics.

Spencer said he envisioned his time next year as “kicking back on a beach with Alex Ferguson, David Beckham, Barbara Walters and Ricky Ponting” – who have all recently announced their retirements. “Needless to say I’ll be the one carrying the towels,” he said.

He also tweeted about the decision at the same time as he was announcing on air:

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