Here's What Adam Scott Served At The Masters Champions Dinner

There are a lot of long-standing traditions at The Masters.

For one of those traditions, the champion of the previous year’s tournament hosts a dinner for all of the other former champions. Usually the host chooses a menu that represents himself and where he is from.

Masters 2013 champion Adam Scott of Australia picked this year’s menu and it sounds pretty delicious:

Scott represented his home country of Australia with Waygu steak and Moreton Bay Bugs which are a type of Australian lobster. Scott assured his guests that the Bugs were authentic:

They are legitimate bugs, the real deal. I’m not going to serve up anything second rate tonight. I’ve got to go all‑out to impress these guys.

Darren Rovell tweeted a picture of what the Bay Bugs look like before they are cooked:

And a picture of the champions at dinner in their green jackets:

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