Adam Schefter says a Jimmy Garoppolo trade 'is not happening, next topic'

On Friday morning, the verified Instagram account of New England Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo sent the NFL world into a tizzy when it posted a photo of Garoppolo with a caption saying goodbye to the city of Boston.

With Garoppolo the subject of numerous trade rumours and intense speculation, many took it as a sign that he was being traded, possibly to the Cleveland Browns. However, despite the post remaining up several hours later and still up at the time of this writing, several NFL insiders were quick to report that it appears to be a hoax or prank and that no trade is in the works.

Adam Schefter of ESPN was a guest on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike” and was adamant in shooting down any trade rumours, saying flat out, the Patriots are not going to trade Garoppolo.

“I am aggravated because we said last we week he is not getting traded,” said Schefter. “He is not getting traded last week. He is not getting traded this week. He is not getting traded next week. He is not getting traded … It’s not happening. I mean honestly, next topic.”

As for the post, Schefter referred to it as “a hoax, a hack, or whatever you want to call it.” However, when asked why it was still up, he did not have an explanation.

Schefter was pressed about the possibility that the Browns might still try to entice the Patriots into a trade. Schefter acknowledged that the Patriots could change their mind, but said Garoppolo will be on the Patriots’ roster when training camp opens.

“I know situations do change over time and there will continue to be questions,” said Schefter. “I’m just telling you, when the Patriots go to camp, Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be on the roster.”

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