Author Of 'Inside Apple' Trashes Tim Cook's Performance Last Night

Tim Cook

Adam Lashinsky, author of the excellent “Inside Apple” was not impressed by Tim Cook’s 81-minute interview at the D11 conference.

Writing for Fortune, Lashinsky said, “In trying to cover Tim Cook’s roundly criticised performance at a major technology conference Tuesday evening near Los Angeles, reporters grasped at straws for kernels of news from the Apple CEO.”

The reason reporters were grasping for news, in Lashinsky’s opinion, is that, Cook just doesn’t say anything interesting.

“It is a strange sight to see the CEO of Apple, a company known for its brilliance and vision, decline over and over to discuss just about anything in any detail,” says Lashinsky, adding, “It was the second year in a row Cook opened the prestigious AllthingsD conference and the second year in a row he divulged precious little about what is going on at Apple.”

One of the problems for Cook is that he’s competing against Steve Jobs, the most interesting CEO in history.

“What frustrates about Tim Cook is that while Steve Jobs was every bit as persnickety about revealing Apple’s product plans — hell, Jobs was downright untruthful about Apple’s plans — Jobs would say darn interesting things in the process,” says Lashinsky, “Cook, on the other hand, is completely confident in his ability to out-wait his inquisitors because he, after all, presumably knows what’s coming.”

Read his complete take on Cook here >

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